How to Become a LEED Commissioning Agent

LEED means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which was extended by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED commissioning is a form of excellence declaration that estimates how well a building is constructed and intended according to existing green and environmental standards. Commissioning agents organize and complete the commissioning procedure. Commissioning Agents are LEED certified experts who work directly with building designers and suppliers. They carry out duties ranging from writing commissioning stipulation to rising processes and upholding curriculum and resources. In this article will provide you the information about how to become a LEED Commissioning Agent.

The very first step is to meet the eligibility needs. Meet the eligibility requirements. Get the work experience on LEED-registered plan. You must have this experience at least three years before taking the LEED certification exams. You have to take the LEED 201 workshop provided by US. Green Building Council. There are some qualified who get certification are real estate developers, policy makers, experts dedicated to green construction, interior designers, HVAC experts, mechanical engineers, general contractors and architects.

Select a LEED certification exam that suits your professional background or career aims. There are number of field LEED certifications exam obtainable. The field certifications are Construction and Design, LEED Neighborhood Development, LEED Interior Design and Construction, LEED House and LEED Operations and Maintenance. You have to pay attention that getting a LEED Green Associate certification is needed before pursuing field certification.

Then you have to apply for an LEED certification exam and also make a user account on the Green Building Certification Institute website. Get certification as a LEED Green Associate. You will register and schedule your exam with the help of this website.

Get ready for the exam. LEED exams test your cognitive levels: recognition, application and analysis. There are study guides obtainable on the U.S. Green Building Council website.

Take the exam(s). The exams are computer-based. You have to clear this exam with the least score of 170. Then with in two three months you will get your certification credentials in the mail.