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Company Profile

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Introduction of Tianshui XD Great Wall Electrical Alloy CO., LTD

Tianshui XD Great Wall Electrical Alloy CO., LTD is attached to the wholly-owned subsidiary company of XD group named Xi’an XD High-voltage Switch CO., LTD. Tianshui XD has a registered capital of one hundred million, covers an area of 99.58 acres, among which 20500 square meter are production area. With total assets of 183 million and 260 staffs, Tianshui XD is the largest copper tungsten alloy manufacture factory in China, and has the production capacity of 900 tons electrical contacts per year, which is located in the core region of Silk Road-Tianshui City.

Tianshui XD Great Wall Electrical Alloy CO., LTD is a contacts making factory invested by the First Machinery Industry Department, has more than forty years’ experience on making and research high-voltage switch contacts. Main products are tungsten-based contacts, copper alloy contacts, silver alloy contacts and power metallurgy products and materials with wear-resistance, heat-resistance, and corrosion resistance properties, which are widely used in circuit breakers field of power transmission and aerospace industry, among which tungsten-based high voltage contacts and chromium products won the former ministry of machinery Award, Gansu Provincial Quality Award and titled the famous brand of Gansu province. Tianshui XD is the unit of Electrician Alloy Branch Council of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and drafting committee of national electrical alloy contacts of GB/T8320.

Our electrical contact products have been applied in the first 1100kV uhv transmission project, the first +100kV high voltage direct current transmission project, the first +500kV uhv direct current transmission project, the first +800kV extra-voltage direct current transmission project, the first back-to-back network direct current transmission project from northwest to North China, the first 330kV, 500kV uhv alternating current  transmission project, the first 750kV extra-voltage alternating current  transmission project as well as national key project like “the Three Gorges Hydropower Station Project”, “West-East Power Transmission”, “Qin Shan Nuclear Power Station” and so on. Tianshui XD Great Wall Electrical Alloy CO., LTD has become the representative of alloy contacts used on high voltage power transmission, leading the development direction of high voltage contacts in domestic.

 We inherits the spirit of XD, that’s is, creative and powerful, dedicated and credible, co-win with harmony, builds the operation principle of people oriented, scientific development, pursuit of excellence, advocates the enterprise culture of appreciating society and enterprise, working happily, enjoy life, establishes the development vision of international first-class level researching and production base of electrical alloy.  

Legal person: Liu Qiang

Address: Shilieast Industrial Park, Qinzhou District Tianshui City, Gansu, P.R. China

Tel: 0938-8621901

E-mail: xdtshj@163.com

Fax: 0938-8622952

http ://www.xdtshj.com