How Does Reading Help US

It is said that a book is the best friend of man. Reading increases our knowledge and understanding of various subjects. It also helps us in giving better directions to our life and business. What is more, reading increases our grip on the language, concentration and comprehension skills. To me, it is the one of the best habits that we must develop in life.

Reading habits have changed over the time

Reading habits of people have changed because of some reasons. Now, we have more recreation and leisure options available like TV, radio, computers, internet etc. people prefer spending their time on such activities than reading books. Moreover, work pattern has undergone a big change. People these days work more hours under stressful conditions. This change exhausts them and motivates them to do something which provides entertainment. While reading is an active process where we have to apply our mind and hence, people are moving away from reading.

How does reading helps to a child

Children are playful and mischievous in nature. Because of such nature they might not concentrate better on their studies and underperform at school. If they read books they can improve their concentration, because reading demands attention on the subject. What is more, apart from improving their general knowledge and language, they can also satisfy their curiosity about various subjects.

How much should a child read everyday?

It depends on the school timings and the demands of studies. But I think children should read for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day apart from their regular studies during their school term. They can read more in vacations as per their convenience.

How to improve reading and writing of illiterate people

We should develop a team of volunteers who can go to such people and teach them. They may arrange night or evening classes and provide them free education with some free study materials. To support this, the government should start campaigns which illustrate benefits of illiteracy. The government should also provide free education up to higher secondary level to children.