How Important is Education

Education is the foundation of our life that supports the structure of our career in future. Education gives us skills and knowledge to survive, grow and support our family and society. According to me, it is the fuel of the growth engine of the world.

The first consideration is the quality of teaching offered by private schools. They compete to excel in their quality, so teachers of such schools have to perform at their optimum levels. Second factor is facilities. Private schools offer higher and better facilities like better infrastructure, support for co-curricular activities, schools bus etc. last factor is teaching in second language. Government schools do not offer teaching in English, whereas most parents enroll their children in English medium only. These are the reasons parents opt for private schools over government schools.

Education system

Some  countries offers three-tier education system. First level is known as primary for standards 1-7. Second level is known as secondary education, which is divided into two parts. Secondary that is from grade 8 to 10 and higher secondary for grade 11 and 12. The last level is tertiary education. At this level candidates can study for graduation and post graduation.

Changes in education field

Education system had remained unchanged for many decades, but the way of imparting education has undergone a huge transformation. In recent years many corporate groups have developed their own schools and colleges w88. This has brought innovation in teaching standards. In addition, introduction of technology in education at all levels also supported the rising standards of teaching. Apart from this, a number of new fields have emerged at tertiary level to offer better career options for today’s graduates.

Why people prefer foreign counties to get higher education?There are many reasons behind it. Some study overseas to get a degree from a reputed university. Some study in a foreign country to get some exposure to international environment, their language and their culture. Many candidates go to a foreign country because the host country offers opportunities to settle down after the completion of studies.