How To Conduct a Job Search

We at Online Career Space understand how confusing it can be to conduct a job search. We can give you the tools to conduct a job search efficiently, with impressive results.

Before embarking upon your job search quest there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled:

  1. Have your resume current, updated, and polished.
  2. Prepare ‘boilerplate’ cover letters that can be personalized to the jobs for which you will be applying.
  3. Develop your personal website to supplement your resume.
  4. Have better than general knowledge of the companies to which you will be applying.
  5. Understand and practice your interviewing techniques.

A job search can occur over many months, or just a couple weeks. It is best to prepare early, remain positive and focused, and don’t let yourself be discouraged easily. Perseverance is absolutely key. Remember, you’re not the only one looking for a job or vying for a particular position. It can be difficult when you don’t get what you want right away, but keep trying. There is a great job waiting to be found.

It is a good idea to maintain a database of the companies you have applied to. Be certain to record the website to which you submitted your resume, the date you submitted your resume, and if known, the person or department to which your resume was directed. You might also consider keeping notes of the follow-throughs you perform, like phone calls, emails, and any other such actions.

Ironically, the most common strategy employed in a job search is the least effective: sending unsolicited resumes has a success rate of about 10%!

Online job-sites are a very effective tool for identifying employers looking to fill newly created or vacant job posts. Most on-line employment ads are descriptive enough so that you quickly can discern whether your skills, experience, and knowledge match the listed requirements.