How To Settle In Other Country

There are many reasons behind the thinking of people who want to study or settle overseas. For study, I can say that some specialization courses in management, science and technology are taught better in some foreign universities. Moreover, foreign education evaluation also gives international exposure to the student which helps them when they start their professional life. Lastly, some countries like Australia do offer settlement options to overseas students. In case of immigrants, I can say that they may want to take the advantage of stronger economy of foreign countries offer open immigration to skilled people and they do offer free education, medical and unemployment allowance, which may not be available to those individuals in their home country.

Effects on host countries

The receiving countries certainly get a boost in education and related segments because most universities charge higher fees from international students compared to domestic students. What is more, the study environment of the country becomes heterogenic and competitive which enhances education level of all students. In case of immigrants, it is understandable that those countries will receive skilled workers so that their economy can also grow. In addition host countries can also benefit from the culture of new people, which ultimately helps in building a cosmopolitan environment. However, there are some chances of inflation of workers in terms if immigrants and students which may affect the local job market. Consequently, some residents of the host country may have to remain jobless.

Effects on the country from people go to settle overseas

There are many negative effects of this. First, people go to such countries to study by paying high fees in pounds and dollars. This is the net revenue loss for the home country because it is non recoverable as it is a one way expense, what is more, skilled workers are needed everywhere. In such situation, if skilled workers of one country migrate to other, economic growth of the home country may be hidered.