Get More Facebook Likes to your Fan Page – Facebook Marketing

Let us quickly see why Facebook Fan Page is important. Last year Facebook overtook Google to become the most visited website by internet users. So it is evident that you need to target Facebook for effective Online Marketing. You can do that through Facebook Ads, however let us assume two cases:

  • You advertise your website through Facebook
  • You advertise your facebook fan page through Facebook Ads

Which one do you think will be effective? Obviously advertising Facebook Fan page will be more effective. This is because the users can continue to use the same interface. Another thing about marketing through facebook is, the users don’t search for anything instead they “hang out” in Facebook, so you need to make them spend more time knowing your product/service and this can be effectively done by sending them to Facebook Fan Page.

If you have an effective fan page which a huge number of fans and can keep it active then you don’t need to advertise through facebook at all.

Let’s face it; it takes time to build a new fan base from scratch. It is not just about putting in good service, but also about how well we engage the fans and build a good relationship with them.

Simple Steps to Get More likes to your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Quality and regular wall posts

The quality of a Fan Page depends on the content it holds, so the posts that you post in the wall should make a good impression to the visitors. So if you planning to start a Fan page make sure you list out the topics that you are going to post.

2. Professional Picture and Design

If you are planning to build a fan page for your website, design a good display picture and you can play around with the design and the style of the page using FBML, there are some good Apps for Fan Page and you can get them based on your Niche.

3. Reward Fans

Reward your loyal fans and customers through badges and tabs. This can motivate other members to be active and that in turn will get you more fans. You can also offer special deals for members with maximum participation.

4. Ask Fans to Give Testimonials

A good word about you by a fan is worth more than a marketing campaign. People trust human being more than well designed banners; you can reward members for giving you a testimonial.

5. Use other Social Networks

If you have a big friends list in other social networks or good number of followers in twitter, then you might as well message them to Like you Facebook Fan Page. You can also ask your follwers/friends to spread the word about your Fan Page for better reach.

6. Integration of Facebook Social Plugins

Do you have a high traffic website? Or do you own a blog, you can use the social plugins offered by Facebook in your website/Blogs. They are very easy to integrate and can increase the Fans List. You can integrate different plugins like Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, Live Stream and Comment stream.

7. Prompt the users to Like and Share

There is Recommend, Send, Share and Like buttons that can be customized. You can place these buttons next to your articles/posts. You can also use Facebook connect to allow facebook users to login in to your site and comment on your site. So when they comment on your site, they can also share that comment in their wall in facebook, thereby you get more traffic and more fans.

8. Forum Signature and Article Marketing

This is a tried and tested method for getting backlinks to your website. However you can use your Facebook Fan Page link as your Forum signature and in resource box of article directory. Instead of getting a one visitor by placing your website link, you can get a permanent fan if you place you Fan Page link and if the visitor Likes your Fanpage.

9. Participate outside your Community

Join big communities and get in touch with admins of those communities, participate in discussions, and offer good value. Once you get credibility you can request the members there to join you Fan Page and also request the admins of those communities to post about your Fan page. You can also Tag them using the status-tagging tool. It can get you new connections. Tag an author or a popular Fan Page if they are related to your niche. The authors or owners of the Fan Page will appreciate you and you can get a favor in return.

10. Collaboration with Other Admins

This trend is catching up lately. We can now collaborate with other Page Admins and conduct a social event. There should be mutual benefit; you can get new connections in return.