Tips for Facebook Marketing Success

If you are a webmaster or run a small business then social marketing is one of the keys to success. Among all the social networking sites Facebook remains head and shoulders above the rest. With more than 1 billion users, Facebook today is ranked number 1 based on web traffic (ahead of even Google). With proper Facebook marketing techniques you can easily get free traffic for any niche.

Facebook is not just about getting traffic, but it also acts as a reputation building platform. A brand or a business will be trusted when they have a proper fan page with good number of fans and interactions. It comes without saying that people will trust a business that has a lot of fans, and that trust can increase the leads and conversions. In addition to this, social signals are important for SEO; with the continuously evolving search algorithm, search engines like Google and Bing now gives a lot of importance for social signals (facebook likes, shares and retweets).

The first step in succeeding with Facebook marketing is establishing a good fan page. Your fan page should have a unique and good cover image and a profile picture. The next step is posting content and getting likes for the Fan Page and status updates. Here are some tips to help you get likes for your Fan Page.

  • Content is king; and it is true even for Fan Pages. The content you post in your fan page should be engaging, so that people will be tempted to like your page. Good images, infographics and useful information as updates will help you in getting more likes.
  • Facebook advertising is an easy way to get new visitors and fans. Especially if your fan page is new then advertising helps as it is hard to get people to like your Fan Page if there are very few fans. However Facebook advertising is relatively costly (based on the niche and the number of bids). The easier alternative is to buy Facebook likes/Fans from a trusted service providers; you will get a head start if you buy ‘likes’ initially. New visitors to your fan page will see your fan page as an authority fan page and will instantly like it.
  • Update your Fan Page regularly, but never spam. People will instantly ‘unlike’ your page if you keep posting spam updates.
  • Integrate all your social profiles. Integration of social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube will help you with a greater reach. Encouraging the followers of other social network sites to become a fan of your page can help your fan page to grow quickly.
  • If you have a website then integrate Facebook with your website. There are several free tools and widgets provided by Facebook for this integration. You can place Facebook like, share and recommend button in every page of your website. You can also have a Facebook like box and a Facebook commenting system in your website. These tools can make your website/webpages to go viral. Share your new web pages/articles as status updates in Facebook.

Good luck!!