How to Make a Resume

If you are looking for a job then firstly you have to prepare a resume to apply for a job. This article helps you how to make the resume. Resume refers to person’s summary of skills and qualifications. There is a wonderful saying` first impression is the last impression’. When people meet you for the first time they make the judgment about yourself by seeing your appearance, same as it goes for your resume. So your resume should be like this that it puts good impression.

Your resume should be clean lines, use simple fonts (times new roman or Arial), standard font size (1o and 12 in business communications fonts norms).Always use good quality of white papers. Also avoid pictures, tables or graphs in your resume and don’t leave anything out you have to mention all your job experiences, awards, educational degrees, skills, personal projects and career objectives. Your resume should contains the relevant information, do not lie.  The purpose of the resume is to get an interview. Here are some tips how to make your resume

Personal details

The very first step is to start with personal details at the top of the front page. Also include your name, address, contact number, age (optional), marital status email and nationality. Make use of bullets points and headings i.e. personal details Highlights your experiences, responsibilities, skills and indicate how you can make a difference.

Educational background

Second step is educational history like years and location of study. It contains all your qualification and start in the reverse order like from recent qualification to work backwards.

Employment history

Again you have to mention your recent job to work backwards and you have also include the organization name, location, position title, responsibilities and duties with specific time of period mentioned.

Other information

You have to include other information in your resume like your skills such as typing speeds, foreign language skill and computer skills. This section has to be simple and short.


Keep this section also short and simple. In this section you have to include your achievements and awards.


Do not lie in the resume, do not elaborate any colors and stylish fonts and do not exceed 3 pages with your resume.