6 Ways To Make Money Through Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have slowly taken over our online lives. They are often our first port of call for photos and communicating with friends. We share stories and follow the news on a regular basis. Did you know that you can also make a tidy living through social media too? For years, people have been making a fortune by harnessing the viral power of social media. If you’re clever, there’s no reason you couldn’t do the same thing. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Use it to show off a product – Images are one of the most popular forms of content on social media. We share them every day with our friends and families. Small businesses are taking note and have begun to use this trick to help sell their products. Pinterest and Instagram have proven the most profitable routes for fashion and crafts products. If you make either of these, try sharing pictures of your wares and encourage sales.
  2. Connect your Instagram account to an online store. – There is a seamless way to integrate the photos you post and the store itself. Using a service called Inselly, you can advertise your products and allow people to click straight through.
  3. YouTube channel monetisation. – YouTube is the best way to directly monetise your following and your content. It involves the placement of adverts either before or during your videos. You’ll have seen this on plenty of YouTube videos and it’s a familiar form of advertising. The practice has already spawned a generation of YouTube millionaires. Build a big enough community and you can cash in on this technique.
  4. Social media management – It’s a job description that didn’t exist ten years ago. Yet, now it is one of the biggest industries in the modern world. Most traditional businesses still don’t understand the digital sphere, particularly social media. If you have plenty of experience, you can join an established company as a social media manager. You’ll be responsible for building their community and increasing engagement. It’s easy money if you’re good with those platforms.
  5. Build a loyal following – What it all comes down to is creating a loyal community. If you can build a group of people that engage with your content, you can learn to monetise them. If you’re looking for specific information, we suggest seeking out Issa Asad’s e-books. They explain how to make profits using Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and most recently, Alibaba. If you can build a strong following, you can monetise them.
  6. Sell your skills – Finally, you can use your personal and business profiles to sell your skills. Whether you’re a copywriter, editor, artist or musician, social media is perfect for you. Use Facebook to market your skills and make connections with people who can help you. It’s that first little kick that will help you on your way.

Making money through social media is not a myth. It’s not a scam and there are no catches. Build your audience and create a loyal community. From there, you can monetise in many diverse ways. Let us know any great tricks you’ve used in the past!